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As a Chinese importer, you can benefit from our local network, cultural understanding and direct access to Chinese manufacturers to source affordable, high-quality products. Our diverse product categories include promotional items, textiles, pets, gardening items, workplace safety items, musical instruments, renewable energy, household items and camping items. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you do not find a particular product. Our offer includes customized purchasing and we will be happy to help you find your desired products.

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Promotional item


We supply promotional items of all kinds: Office supplies like stationery, highlighters, rulers and so on. Classic promotional items like lanyard, shopping chips, token chips. Textiles like T-shirts with customer logo, gloves and caps. Sporting goods: Balls, games, sports bottles, sports bags. Kitchenware: Plastic or stainless steel lunch boxes, kitchen rolls, Slat board Gescheatox according to customer design. Tyvek book lamps

Our offer includes a wide range of textiles. We offer a wide range of jackets for men and women in different styles as well as t-shirts with your logo as a promotional item. In addition, we offer outdoor clothing such as softshell jackets, windbreakers and sports pants.

Pet products

Garden products

Discover the wide range of Chinese pet products and expand your pet store with high quality, sustainable and fashionable products.

We supply for dogs: 100% recycled PET dog beds, 100% organic dog bags, BIO bowls made from corn starch or wheat starch, pet brush gloves, dog swimming pool, dog bath towels, dog toy balls, dog toy leather bones, dog towels, Giardia and Parvo rapid test for dogs and cats, dog and cat diapers and much more.

For many people, the garden is a significant place for family and friends, relaxation and hobby. A beautiful garden decoration, not only in summer, but throughout all seasons, is important to them. We cooperate with first-class manufacturers and offer you garden supplies from China at unbeatable prices. We offer:
Weatherproof garden decoration like: Garden figurines, solar garden lamp, garden furniture, garden tools, garden fences and privacy screens. Grill accessories: grill drip pans, grill gloves, high quality grill aprons and grill cutlery. Garden tools: garden small tools

Work safety articles

Musical instruments

We offer a wide range of products from arteiteitschutz products
For construction companies or craftsmen, we offer harnesses, fall protection and hard hats.
For industrial enterprises: such as manufacturing, mining, oil and gas and others, we offer protective clothing, protective gloves and eye protection.
For logistics and transportation companies, we have safety belts, safety shoes and reflective high-visibility clothing crucial to prevent injuries and accidents.
For staff in hospitals, medical practices and care facilities, we offer medical gloves, protective masks and safety glasses important occupational safety items.

The Chinese musical instrument industry has become a major player in the global market. With a wide range of high-quality instruments at competitive prices, it plays an important role in the supply of musical instruments worldwide. We import for example: pianos, grand pianos, guitars, violins, strings for violins, violin accessories such as bows. Keyboard instruments: organ and accordion. Other instruments such as harmonica trumpet, horns, clarinets, percussion instruments. All instruments can also be customized with their logo.

Renewable energies

Household items

Germany and China are leading the way in promoting renewable energy. The energy turnaround in Germany has spurred the development of wind, solar and biomass energy. China is the world’s largest manufacturer of solar and wind power equipment. Both nations are investing heavily in green technologies and are committed to achieving a sustainable energy supply. China is using its renewable energy potential to reduce its energy dependence and environmental impact, while Germany is sharing its experience in the energy transition. The global energy transition depends on cooperation between the two countries.

We can offer solar modules, inverters, substructures, power storage, balcony power station or EcoFlow power station at low price, it is stock from Europe.

Camping products

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