EcoFlow Micro Inverter


The EcoFlow BKW battery cable is sold separately to connect an EcoFlow portable power station.

Recommendation: EcoFlow Smart Plug (sold separately)

Intelligent monitoring and control of power consumption for day and night: DIY installation of Smart Plug and EcoFlow app expandable 600W to 800W.


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The EcoFlow PowerStream solar system is a balcony power plant with a portable power station that allows you to use solar energy day and night while lowering your energy bill. The EcoFlow app and EcoFlow Smart Plug monitor and optimize energy consumption in real time.


EcoFlow PowerStream Balcony Power Plant

The first balcony power station with portable power station

This system stores all excess energy in a portable power station during the day and then releases it when you need it. There is a possibility to save up to 415 € if you generate up to 1039 kWh per year. In addition, compared to other home power plants without batteries, you save three times the cost of energy.

It is compatible with all EcoFlow portable power stations. When connecting a PowerStream microinverter to an EcoFlow portable power station, the EcoFlow BKW battery cable is required.

* For all RIVER series portable power stations, including DELTA mini and DELTA (1300), the car charging port is used to output power to the microinverter, while the solar input is used to charge solar power.
The only way to connect these portable power stations to the microinverter is to use a car charging port. These power stations have an output limitation of 100 W due to the car charging port limitation.


Weight 2,93 kg
Dimensions 24,2 × 16,9 × 33 cm
Max Power output

600W, 800W



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