EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max Bundle (One 400W Solar Panel)



Powerful bundle consisting of an EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max and a 400W solar panel. Win the energy independence for camping, in your allotment garden, or on the go.

Expandable capacity: The capacity can be extended from 2 kWh to 6 kWh to adapt to your energy needs. Add up to two DELTA 2 Max Smart Extra Batteries to reach 6,144 Wh. Ideal for household backup, camping, outdoor use, or daily use.

Long lifespan: Enjoy 10 years of daily use until the battery’s capacity decreases to 80% of its original capacity. This is thanks to the LFP battery chemistry, which enables 3,000 cycles.

Lowering Your Energy Bills: In combination with a PowerStream micro-inverter, you can store your solar energy to use during peak demand times.

Large AC Output: With the X-Boost mode, you’ll get an output power of up to 3,100 W, allowing you to operate 99% of household appliances. You can power 13 devices simultaneously, including 4 AC outputs.

Fastest Charging: If you want to take energy with you, then charge the power station at the socket with the world’s fastest AC charging and X-Stream Dual.

With X-Stream Dual, you can charge the power station in parallel via the socket (AC) and solar. This achieves the maximum charging speeds. Up to 1,000 W solar input for charging in just 2.3 hours.

Capture more energy: 99% MPPT efficiency maximizes solar power generation during the day. High conversion efficiency – guarantees faster solar charging speed. 0% to 100% in 2.8 hours (2 sets), 5.4 hours (1 set).

Personalized in-app power management: Prioritize solar or AC charging, view input and output power, battery level, and more.

5-year warranty – 5 years for DELTA 2 Max, 24 months for 400W solar panel.


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