EcoFlow DELTA 2 Smart Extra Battery


The EcoFlow Delta 2 intelligent extra battery is a powerful extension for the Delta 2 Powerstation. With a capacity of 3000 Wh, it provides extra power on the go and is ideal for camping and emergency conditions.

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  • Additional battery capacity – For expanding your DELTA-2 capacity to 2,048 Wh. Easy setup means it can be used for a variety of applications – from home power to outdoor applications.
  • Usable for many years – Thanks to the chemistry of the LFP battery, this portable battery can be used for many years with regular use – more than 3,000 charge cycles.
  • Different charging methods – The DELTA-2 extra battery can be charged using different charging methods. You can charge them via AC outlets, car power outlets, solar panels or our Smart Generator. Thus, an empty battery (0%) can be charged to 80% of its capacity in only 80 min.
  • Power for just about anything – To power about 90% of your household appliances, 1,800 W of output power and 15 outlets are available in combination with DELTA 2.
  • Control and monitoring – With the help of the device’s own LCD display and the EcoFlow app, you have everything important in view. For example, you can check the remaining charge and hours at current power draw.
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The EcoFlow Delta 2 smart extra battery is the perfect complement to the EcoFlow Delta 2 power station, providing extra power on the go. With an impressive 3,840 Wh capacity and up to 2,400 W output power, this extra battery is ideal for camping trips, emergencies, or everyday use in areas without power.

Thanks to its smart technology, the EcoFlow Delta 2 extra battery can be synchronized with other EcoFlow Delta 2 batteries to increase the total capacity. This means you can enjoy seamless power for extended periods of time without worrying about a dead battery.

The EcoFlow Delta 2 extra battery has multiple output ports, including USB ports, a 12V car port and a 30A AC port, to charge or connect a wide range of devices. From smartphones and tablets to laptops, power tools and even small household appliances, this add-on battery offers versatile ways to power your electronic devices anywhere.

In addition, the EcoFlow Delta 2 extra battery is extremely user-friendly. A clear LED display informs you about the current battery status and allows you to easily monitor the remaining power. Thanks to the integrated MPPT charge controller, the extra battery can also be charged via solar panels, making it an environmentally friendly option for outdoor use.

The EcoFlow Delta 2 smart extra battery is rugged and durable, so it can withstand the rigors of outdoor activities. With its compact design and integrated carrying handle, it is easy to transport and can be taken anywhere.

Whether you’re heading out on a camping adventure, preparing for emergencies, or simply need a reliable power supply for everyday use, the EcoFlow Delta 2 smart extra battery is the perfect solution to meet your power needs and give you a sense of security no matter where you are.

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