EcoFlow BKW battery cable


  • River cable 0,5m
  • Delta EB Cable 0.4m
  • Delta Pro Cable 0.5m

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Notes for the EcoFlow BKW-RIVER cable:

The EcoFlow BKW-RIVER cable is used to connect portable RIVER series, DELTA mini and DELTA (1300) power stations to the PowerStream microinverter.
The cable with a cigarette lighter plug has a length of 0.5 m.

When the aforementioned power stations are connected to the microinverter, their connection port (the car charging port) serves only as an output port. This means that the charging stations cannot be charged via the car charging port.
The aforementioned power stations are subject to a 100W output limitation due to the car charging port limitation.
Connect the solar modules to the power station before connecting the microinverter to the EcoFlow BKW-RIVER cable.

Notes for the EcoFlow BKW-DELTA EB cable:

The EcoFlow BKW-DELTA EB cable is designed for Portable Power Stations DELTA 2, DELTA 2 Max and DELTA Max to connect to the PowerStream Microinverter.
The charging cable XT150 has a length of 0.4 m.

Notes for the EcoFlow BKW-DELTA Pro cable:

The EcoFlow BKW-DELTA Pro cable is designed for the DELTA Pro Portable Power Station to connect to the PowerStream Microinverter.
EcoFlow BKW-DELTA Pro cable with a length of 0.5 m and a length of 0.5 m.

Weight 0,300 kg
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