400W Solar panel


The EcoFlow 400W solar modules offer high performance and efficiency for the use of renewable energy. They are durable, easy to transport and perfect for outdoor use.

• Fast charging with high 400W solar input power
• Efficiency of up to 23
• Robust, multilayer materials
• Self-supporting with adjustable angle
• Waterproof according to IP68
• One piece folding design
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EcoFlow 400W solar panels offer you a reliable and environmentally friendly way to power your electronic devices with clean energy. These high quality solar panels allow you to meet your electrical needs on the go, camping, traveling or in emergencies.

With a total output of 400 watts, the EcoFlow solar panels deliver an impressive energy yield. They are made of high-quality monocrystalline solar cells that efficiently convert sunlight into electricity. This advanced technology ensures high performance and optimal power generation even in low light conditions.

The EcoFlow 400W solar panels are portable and easy to install. With the integrated metal eyelets and the included mounting clips, you can easily attach the panels to tents, vehicles, RVs or boats. They are lightweight and compact, which facilitates transportation and storage.

These solar panels are also compatible with the EcoFlow Power Station, a powerful portable energy storage device. You can connect the solar panels directly to the Power Station to store solar energy for retrieval when needed. This allows you to have an independent power supply no matter where you are.

EcoFlow 400W solar panels are rugged and durable, with waterproof and dustproof construction. They are designed for use in various environments and weather conditions. The high-quality materials and solid workmanship ensure a long service life and reliable performance.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient way to power your electronic devices with clean energy, EcoFlow 400W solar panels are the ideal choice. They offer impressive performance, easy installation and high reliability. Invest in renewable energy and enjoy the benefits of sustainable power with EcoFlow 400W solar panels.

Scope of delivery:
1. 400W Solar panel 2. Kickstand housing 3. Solar to XT60i charging cable 4. User manual


Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 105,8 × 236,5 × 2,5 cm


Rated power


Cell type

Monocrystalline silicon





Open circuit voltage

48V (Vmp 41V)

Short circuit current

11A (Imp 9.8A)

Weight (solar panel)


Weight (with the bag)



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